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Oriveda's focus is on selling well-researched medicinal mushroom extracts of superior quality. The composition of the extracts and the dosage recommendations are in line with the existing research, not 'made up'.

Our business is based on common sense and pragmatism. We feel that every claim of quality should be backed up with facts.

Every batch of our products is tested for both safety (heavy metals) and active ingredients. We use objective ISO 17025 certified laboratories.

You don't have to take our word for it when we claim premium quality - you can verify it. We introduced the concept of objective lab testing in 2010. We are still one of the very few vendors that share actual lab test reports with our customers. No deceiving home-made 'certificates of analysis', no conflicts of interest ('in-house testing' haha).

For some bullet-points just click here.

• Therapeutically speaking, ORIVeDA extracts are the most powerful extracts available worldwide, with guaranteed levels of the most important bioactive components and the highest bioavailability possible. And this is not just a marketing statement.

• Our authorized supplement facts labels and Google make it easy to compare our products with others. As said, our Certificates of Analysis from independent third party laboratories are available here.

• Since we started as a business we have always emphasized the use of extracts, being the only reliable way to accomplish therapeutic effects.

• Already in 2012 we started specifying beta-glucans (the main active ingredient of most medicinal mushrooms) on our supplement fact labels. This was a time when 95 % of mushroom supplements had zero specifications (not being extracted) and the rest mentioned 'polysaccharides' at best, a broad term covering a lot of non-bioactive compounds, in the core unsuitable as a quality marker. Currently beta-glucans are widely accepted as a quality marker, using an AOAC-validated test method.

• We are the first ones specifiying cordycepin as a quality marker for Cordyceps and the first and the only ones to specify the ganoderic acids that are the trademark of Reishi. In short, we have set and pointed out quality standards since we started.

Our approach makes it easy for consumers to choose the right product and they're less likely to be deceived by marketing tricks. Check our FAQ for additional details.

• The value-for-money you get with our products is excellent. Not only are our prices often lower than others, but the level of bioavailable active ingredients in our extracts is usually much higher, in some instances over three times higher than the best of the rest. So, instead of spending $ 90 on “product X” you only have to spend $ 30 on our product for the same therapeutic potential.
And on top of that, as said before, we guarantee the bioavailability of the bioactives; your body can absorb and digest them 100%, so the therapeutic potential is maximal. And all these claims are supported by objective third party test results.

• In SE-Asia medicinal mushrooms have been used for many centuries. These countries therefore contain probably the best-informed and most critical consumers. We are proud to be able to claim that we are currently the only Western company selling mushroom extracts on a large scale to this region.
• A lot of the research on which our products' reputation is built is available and can be downloaded for free from the resources-section of our site.

• We ship directly (or indirectly - using local distributors) to almost all countries in the world, except warzones.

• We offer maximum personal service: we are online 7 days a week and your questions will be answered in great detail. Those questions are important: they help us develop new ideas and products. Keep them coming!

To contact us, please use the online form.

ORIVeDA is a registered brand name of ORIGO Holding BV, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. All rights reserved.

Make sure to check the FAQ before asking your questions !

  • 120 v-caps @ 300 mg 
  • (will cover 2 months)
  • Ganoderic acids (10 types) ≥ 1.8 %
  • (Ganoderic acid A-D, F-H; Ganoderenic acids B - D)
  • 25 % beta-glucan
  • > 1.50 % polyphenols

  • dual extracted
Produced in compliance with the following quality standards :
  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 22000
  • cGMP
  • and also
  • Halal
  • Koosjer
  • USDA organic (EcoCert)
About Reishi
Oriveda's Reishi Primo
120 v-caps @ 300 mg
1 KG / ± 3330 v-caps
  • 120 v-caps @ 300 mg 
  • (will cover 2 months)
  • Ganoderic acids (10 types) ≥ 1.8 %
  • (Ganoderic acid A-D, F-H; Ganoderenic acids B - D)
  • 25 % beta-glucan
  • > 1.50 % polyphenols

  • dual extracted

About Reishi

Oriveda Reishi Primo is based on Red Reishi fruiting bodies

Science has been researching mushrooms for decades. Below we've listed the main targets in Reishi research*. For an extensive background click here ( page opens in new window ).

Take notice: this list should not be interpreted as a list of medical claims !

• Its potential for immune support and improving healthy cholesterol levels

A shared property of all mushrooms is said to be immune-modulation: research has been investigating their potential to help balance our natural defense against diseases for many decades.

In particular water-soluble beta-glucans have triggered the interest of scientists: in the EU several health-claims based on beta-glucans have been ratified in the past years by the EFSA. Beta-glucans are supporting a well-balanced immune function and might help to create an good balance between the good and the bad types of cholesterol. Reishi is a mushroom with significant levels of beta-glucan.

Reishi also contains so-called 'proteoglycans' which are beta-glucans linked to a peptide. Similar to the PSP and PSK fractions in Turkey Tail these compounds show a high level of bioactivity.

Given that our immune system is the core of our health this is very important - allergies, infections, auto-immune diseases and many old-age problems are all immune related. Also see our dedicated article about the immune system.

Two terms are worth mentioning here: adaptogenic (helping our body to adapt to the never-ending assaults on our health) and BRM (a natural Biological Response Modifier - helps to normalize the body's natural defense mechanisms without any side effects). These terms are keywords when describing these particular mushrooms. They do not cure or heal, but they help the body to perform at its best.

The beta-glucan fractions are the most important compounds for immune support.

• Its potential for establishing anti-viral and anti-bacterial effects

Polysaccharide-bound proteins (glycoproteins / proteo-glycans, comparable to the PSK and PSP fractions in Coriolus versicolor) from Reishi showed inhibitory effects on Herpes Simplex Virus type 1 (HSV-1), Herpes Simplex Virus type 2 (HSV-2), and Vesicular Stomatitis Virus (VSV - New Jersey strain) in a lab test. Using the plaque reduction method, a significant inhibitory effect was seen at doses that showed no cytotoxicity.

A dried hot water extract of Reishi taken orally was used as the sole treatment for postherpetic (varicella zoster virus) neuralgia in 4 elderly patients. This treatment was reported to dramatically decrease pain and promote the healing of lesions without any toxicity, even at very high doses. This is very promising and will hopefully lead to more research in this field.

The anti-microbial combination of Reishi with four commonly used antibiotics resulted in an additive or synergistic effect in most, but not all, instances, with apparent antagonism against cefazolin and ampicillin effects on Proteus vulgaris (known to cause urinary tract infections and wound infections).

• Its potential for establishing anti-diabetic effects

There are indications that mushroom extracts that are rich in beta-glucans can be benificial for diabetics. In several controlled animal studies the oral administration of hot water extracted Reishi was found to lower serum glucose levels. The first effects were seen after one week. The extract markedly reduced levels of phosphoenol-pyruvate carboxykinase (PEPCK).

Serum insulin levels increased (when compared to the nontreated diabetic group) and glucose levels decreased in a dose-dependent way. Levels of non-enzymic and enzymic anti-oxidants increased and lipid peroxidation levels decreased. Therefore, in addition to its glycemic modulation, treatment with this hot water extract appeared to help to decrease oxidative stress.

There are a few human trials with similar positive results. Overall, the data from several studies suggests that taking a Reishi extract supports modulating blood glucose levels. However, these studies were performed mostly with animals. More support from well-planned human clinical studies is needed with and without combination with conventional medicines to be able to make more definitive claims.

• Its potential for establishing liver protection

Triterpenes are mainly responsible for the hepato-protective effects, but some studies also show polysaccharide/beta-glucan extracts to be benificial. A dual extract, again, would therefore be the best choice, because it guarantees both triterpenes and beta-glucans.

Reishi extracts were also found to support the healing of ulcers; up to 56%, depending on the dosage. The Helicobacter Pylori, the bacteria that causes e.g. peptic ulcers and gastritis (and might also be involved in the development of stomach cancers) was inhibited in its growth by a Reishi extract.

As far as we know all research in this field has been performed with animals or in the lab, though. No controlled trials with humans exist as far as we know. Research was performed with ethanol and/or hot water extracts, which were administered orally.

• Its potential as an anti-cancer adjuvant

In SE-Asia Reishi extracts are popular supplements, taken by cancer patients along with conventional therapies, to reduce the side effects of those therapies (including the negative effects on the immune-function, which can lead to secondary infections and indirectly can increase the chances of metastasis). The chemo-preventive activities of the mushroom on prostate cancer were demonstrated by a triterpenoid-rich extract of Reishi that suppressed the ventral prostate growth induced by testosterone. Reishi is said to have relatively strong anti-androgenic effects, limiting the production of DHT. This is very positive for those with prostate cancer but can cause loss of libido as well.

Reishi appears to have a positive effect in inflammatory breast-cancer, but should not be used in hormone-related breast cancers - there are contradicting results.

However, whether the anti-tumor effect of Reishi is a direct one or is mediated via the immune system is still unclear. The research results with humans seem to indicate that the anti-tumor effects are a side effect of Reishi's effects on the immune system. Much more research with human volunteers is needed - the majority of research so far was in vivo and in vitro.

• Side effects and safety

Some people taking high dosages of 1.5 - 9 grams per day reported one or more of the following side effects: temporary sleepiness, thirst, rashes, bloating, frequent urination and diarrhea. Taking the extract together with vitamin C seemed to improve many of the side effects. Lowering the dosage also helped.

These reports do not give details about the quality and properties of the extracts that were consumed; and taking into account the poor quality level of most Reishi products (see this 2017 report) it is not unlikely that at least some of these side effects might be related to that, so this appears not to be a direct cause for alarm.

As said, the anti-microbial combination of Reishi with four commonly used antibiotics resulted in an additive or synergistic effect in most, but not all, instances. Reishi appears to cause cefazolin and ampicillin to be less effective against Proteus vulgaris (known to cause urinary tract infections and wound infections).

Reishi extracts rich in triterpenes are very powerful; these might not be the best choice for everybody.

Reishi with a high level of triterpenes should not be used in hormone-related breast cancers - there are contradicting results, so it is best to stay on the safe side. The anti-androgenic effects of Reishi can suppress libido.

Because Reishi has immune-balancing properties, it should not be used together with immune-suppressants, like those prescribed after a transplant. The blood sugar lowering effects can cause fatigue in those that are highly susceptible. In general these people are also very susceptible to e.g. caffeine and alcohol, or are diabetic. Taking the extract together with a sugar-containing liquid can neutralise this effect.

Rare side effects are: not sleeping well, bad, vivid dreams, feelings of anxiety, feeling mentally numb/clouded or having a sense of heightened mental activity. These effects are most likely caused by a genetic anomaly, like overreacting to specific triterpenes, such as lanostan. Just like with Cordyceps some people experience effects that are exactly the opposite of what usually happens. This is personal and due to genetic wiring.

Lanostan triggers the function of the adrenal glands, which are responsible for adrenaline/nor-adrenaline production. If you’re very sensitive to this you can experience hyper-activity which can make you feel anxious, etc. If you experience daily stress on top of that, this will also push the production of adrenaline/noradrenaline in your body, potentially causing anxiety.

Reishi Primo contains a relatively high level of triterpenes; if you experience these side effects it might be better to look for a different mushroom extract or to choose a hot-water-extracted-only Reishi extract, which contains no triterpenes.

Ganoderma Lucidum, Reishi, anti-cancer adjuvant, anti-oxidant, immune support, adaptogen

* The statements on this page have not been evaluated by the FDA or the EFSA.
This product is not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease.
Do not use this product instead of regular medication.

Oriveda's Reishi Primo

Oriveda Reishi Primo offers verifiable the best value for money

Reishi Primo is a dual extracted and highly concentrated red Reishi fruiting body extract. It has been optimised for the compounds that make Reishi worth considering: Ganoderic acids and their derivatives and beta-glucan.

There is no Reishi supplement with better specifications available. Click here to see our authorized 'Supplement Facts' label, based on objective -ISO 17025 accredited- lab test reports.

We guarantee the presence of the main bioactive compounds and their bioavailability. Go to the quality control page for the most recent third party test results.

more details...

What sets these mushrooms apart from pharmaceuticals and what makes them particularly effective is the synergistic effect of the combined bioactives (mainly Beta-Glucans, glycoproteins/proteo-glycans, polyphenols and Ganoderic acids -a type of triterpenes-).

Extraction defines the therapeutic potency, since we cannot digest non-extracted mushrooms properly. See this -highly recommended!- link for the details about this.

Extraction is essential for an actual therapeutic effect, and dual extraction is often the best option in this case - it will make both water-solubles and insolubles bioavailable. Research found that the immunological effects of mushroom extracts are up to 10 times higher when compared against non-extracted powders.

In case you are interested in how ORIVeDA did its due diligence when developing Reishi Primo click here (page opens in new window). On this page you'll find an article with a lot of objective background information about cultivation, extraction and other Reishi supplements.

Taking into account that a 2017 report concluded almost all Reishi sold in the US is not actually Reishi and lacks quality it's captivating reading material.

Hot water extracts (incl. home made Reishi tea), tinctures and powdered products at best contain only low concentrations of bioactives (which is why you never see them specified on the label of such products - it's better to keep it vague from a vendor's perspective). You might see something like "contains triterpenes". The bioavailability is always a major problem - if we can't digest all that good stuff we can't benefit from it, right?

Reishi Primo is one of the very few Reishi products that actually offers all those bioactives in a bioavailable form, guaranteeing not only the presence but also the quantity of those compounds. Odd as it may seem, it is actually rare to find Reishi with clear specifications, let alone verifiable specifications.

Our mantra is and always will be: quality claims should be supported by objective third party test reports to be reliable and trustworthy. For Reishi a common trick is to use inaccurate lab test methods such as UV-VIS to artificially increase e.g. the triterpene percentage. The error margin of this method is 50-70% ! We no longer list triterpenes as a group but specify the actual 'ganoderic acids' which are unique for Reishi. No other vendor does this.

Reishi Primo is produced using a multi-step extraction procedure (hot water, alcohol, alcohol precipitation) which ensures a high purity product, as opposed to extraction using only hot water or a mix of water and alcohol in a single-step extraction process.

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* The statements on this page have not been evaluated by the FDA or the EFSA.
This product is not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease.
Do not use this product instead of regular medication.
Difference in effects between extracts and powdered mushrooms

Immunological effects of 39 mushroom supplements compared. [source]

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